Presentation: Supplied in a convenient pack containing 30g tube & 5 applicators.

Ectros Ointment

Vaginal itching and cervical disorders

Ectros unique natural formula helps in the healing of cervical and vaginal disorders due to its high content of FDA approved Manuka honey UMF16+ and other well known healing enhancer agents.

Ectros Features:

  • Ectros a specially formulated preparation containing active Manuka Honey UMF16+ and Sesame Oil.

  • Ectros has a high safety profile.

  • Ectros helps in the healing of cervical disorders due to its potent anti-inflammatory activity.

  • Ectros helps relieve pain & discomfort.

  • Ectros helps control bleeding & discharge.

  • Ectros has an acidic pH ranging from 3.5 to 4.5 which offers a favorable media for cervical and vaginal healing.