Raza International was founded in 2008, with headquarters located in Amman, Jordan. Raza products are registered and approved in several countries in the Middle East and under registration in Canada.

Raza International prides itself with its innovative products, which are made of highest quality natural remedies. Our products are used for the management of various diseases.


Improve the quality of healthcare in the MENA region and provide the medical professions, the patients and the community with high quality and cost-effective medical and health products.


To be one of the influential and driving companies that efficiently ا participate in shaping of the medical care sector in the MENA region and beyond.To fulfill our commitments to our community, customers, shareholders and employees.

Business Model

We adopt an open business model were we place value on transparency, stakeholder inclusion, and accountability.
We thrive to create value and increase efficiency. And through collaboration, we encourage long-term business partnerships.